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Jackson Square Aviation’s Statement on Racism and Social Injustice in America

To Jackson Square Aviation’s Employees, Customers, and Partners:

We are horrified by George Floyd’s murder. Jackson Square Aviation stands against racism and police brutality in all forms. We applaud those who have taken to the streets of America to peacefully protest the social injustice that continues to contaminate our society. And we stand in solidarity with the black community here in our home country as well as all those around the world who are subjected to prejudice and fear. We are long overdue for change.

Our company is a small group –70 people – but our business touches nearly every country in the world through the global aviation network. On a daily basis, we work with friends of all races, religions and sexual orientations. We simply have no place for intolerance in an industry whose core mission is to bring the world together.

For our employees and partners within the United States, we urge you to participate any way you can to stamp out racism in our home country. Similar bigotry exists around the world, and we further stand in support of our global staff, customers and partners in dealing with issues of entrenched intolerance and injustice. We are ashamed that these challenges still pervade our society, centuries after they should have been eradicated. This country, and the world at large, must embrace each human being’s dignity at all times.

Our Company has slowly evolved as we grow, launching a Diversity Committee in 2019 and striving to make a positive impact on our local communities and within our global industry. We are proud of our team’s commitments to speaking out against racism, while helping others and accepting all people for exactly who they are, but we acknowledge the need to do more as individuals and as an organisation. We will also be making a financial contribution to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund ( and we encourage all of you to support that organisation or any others that are leading the battle against racism and social injustice.


Kevin McDonald

Chris Dailey
President & CCO

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