JSA seeks to contribute to the creation of a society that can conserve the global environment and achieve sustainable development. JSA recognizes the importance of investing in, and supporting the shift towards, a more sustainable future for the global air transport industry.

We recognize the climate risk of the assets we own, we pride ourselves on owning one of the most efficient fleets in the industry and we are focused on continuing to invest in the most fuel-efficient new technology assets, while also offsetting the carbon emissions generated by our business operations. We are a strong proponent of the adoption of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) globally, and we strive to find a role to play in supporting more rapid adoption of SAFs.

To be a more sustainable business, we practice:

1. Continuous Development: We strongly believe in our people and foster a culture of continuous development to meet our customers’ evolving needs worldwide and help them fulfil their industry commitments.

2. Leading by Example: We are respectful of others, remain humble, act with integrity and have an authentic, transparent way of doing business. We care about our relationships; we care about our people; we care about our customers; we care about our company; and we care about giving back to our communities – we act as responsible corporate citizens and are passionate about our involvement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

3. Being as Good as Our Word: We follow through on our promises. Our customers and industry partners know that we will do what we say. We have committed to invest in the most fuel-efficient new technology aircraft that will help contribute to our customers’ success, and our customers are certain that we will deliver on that commitment.