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Acquisitions at Jackson Square Aviation (JSA) are focused on in-demand, new technology Boeing and Airbus aircraft, with maximum marketability and retention of value. We listen carefully to our customers and create customised fleet solutions to meet their specific business ambitions and goals.

A220 Family

Regarded as an industry-changing airliner, the A220 family has seen impressive adoption since its entry into service, first as the Bombardier CSeries in 2016, and later under the Airbus banner in 2018. This series targets the narrow-body, medium-range market, characterized by its superior fuel efficiency, extended range capabilities, and premium passenger comfort.

9 Owned / Committed

The family is made up of two variants: the A220-100 and the larger A220-300. While both models have been lauded for their innovative features, the A220-300 is often considered the more popular of the two due to its increased capacity.

5,920km (3,200nm) – 6,300km (3,400nm). 100 – 150 seats.



A320 Family

One of the highest selling airliners with close to 10,000 deliveries since it first entered service in 1988. The A320 family tackles the single aisle short to mid-range market, and now testing longer range markets with the A321neo variant.

143 Owned / Committed

The family consists of the most popular variant, the A320-200, along with the A319-100, the A321-100/200, and the A318. In 2016 Airbus began delivering the A320neo family, a reengined version of the original A320 (current engine option). The A320neo family includes the A319neo, A320neo, A321neo.

5,750km (3,100nm) —7,400km (4,000nm). 90 – 220 seats.



  • A320-200

  • A320neo

  • A321-200

  • A321neo


737 Family

The most delivered airliner in history comprising multiple technology and aerodynamic upgrades since it first entered service over 50 years ago. The 737 family covers short to mid-range routes.

92 Owned / Committed

Boeing is transitioning from the 737 Next Generation (the 3rd iteration of the 737) with the 737-600, 737-700, 737-800 & 737-900 to the 737 MAX, which entered service in 2017. The 737 MAX is a reengined version of the 737 offering the following variants: 737 MAX 7, 737 MAX 8, 737 MAX 9 and 737 MAX 10.

5,710km (3,085nm) – 7,130km (3,850nm). 126 – 204 seats.



  • 737-800

  • 737 MAX 8


A330 Family

The A330 is a highly popular twin aisle commercial jet with wide ranging application across many different markets and distances.

7 Owned / Committed

The family consists of four variants, the A330-200, A330-300, A330-800neo and A330-900neo. The A330neo generation was introduced in 2018.

11,750km (6,250nm) – 13,450 km (7,250nm). 210 – 300 seats



787 Family

The 787 is the first commercial airliner to be made primarily of carbon composite materials. The 787 family is designed to be a highly fuel efficient mid to long range twin aisle passenger airliner.

8 Owned / Committed

The family consists of three variants, the 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10, incrementally increasing in size and passenger load.

11,750km (6,345nm) – 13,950kim (7,530nm). 248 – 336 seats



  • 787-8

  • 787-9


A350 Family

The A350 XWB (extra-widebody) family is Airbus’ newest twin aisle airliner and the manufacturer’s first aircraft substantially made from carbon composites.

9 Owned / Committed

The A350 family consists of two variants, the A350-900 that entered service in 2015 and the A350-1000 that started operation in 2018. Both aircraft have mission profiles that tackle the mid to large twin aisle passenger loads while providing long ranges.

15,000km (8,100nm) – 16,100km (8,700nm). 300-410 seats



777 Family

Boeing’s 777 was the first large capacity, long haul twin aisle, twin jet. The 777 has been a significant success for major carriers globally, both as a passenger airliner and a dedicated freighter.

1 Owned / Committed

The passenger aircraft family currently consists predominately of the 777-200ER and 777-300ER variants. Boeing also produces a highly capable long haul freighter variant known of the 777 known as the 777-200LRF. In 2013, Boeing announced the future generation of the 777, named 777-8 and 777-9, which are now in development.

777 Family – 13,080 km (7,065nm) – 16, 170km (8,730nm). 313 – 426 seats.
777-200LRF – 9,038km (4,880nm). 226,000lbs of cargo or 37 ULD pallets.



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