Diversity & Inclusion

Our DEIB mission statement is to: drive a respectful, supportive workplace culture for all, where individual differences are celebrated and teamwork is valued; and create a space where everyone can grow being their true authentic self, effectively contributing to JSA’s high performance culture where everyone has an opportunity to be a leader in DEIB.

Our DEIB committee – “LIFT” – in partnership with HR and the Executive Team leads our ongoing DEIB initiatives focusing on:

1. Building and Supporting Diverse Talent: We are committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce that reflects our global customers and partners. We work with organizations that focus on underrepresented groups in aviation to encourage future aviation professionals.

2. Creating Equitable Opportunities: We strive to achieve equity where every employee has access to growth and advancement opportunities within our organization. Through fair and transparent policies and processes, we promote a level playing field for career progression, recognizing and rewarding merit and dedication.

3. Cultivating an Inclusive Culture: We aim to drive an inclusive, open, creative, respectful and engaging workplace. We provide training to all our employees, fostering awareness and sensitivity, and highlighting the benefits of diverse teams.

4. Fostering an Environment of Belonging: Belonging is the culmination of our DEI efforts where individuals feel valued, seen and heard. We aspire to foster an environment of belonging where authenticity and diversity of viewpoint is celebrated and every individual knows they have a place to thrive.