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Dive Against Debris – Singapore

Jackson Square Aviation supports local businesses and communities across our global offices.

As JSA’s ESG committee assembled in 2021, an opportunity arose during the COVID19 pandemic to support struggling businesses, bring together the community and make a meaningful impact on the local environment.  In Singapore, home to our Asia Pacific team, we played a critical role working with community groups and NGO’s to survey, clean and replant the Southern Island coral reefs.



Corporate sponsorship for sporadic reef cleanups had dried up, leaving local dive businesses struggling to survive and wildlife suffering with an increase in plastic pollution contributing to increased reporting on deaths of black tip reef sharks, turtles and other marine wildlife that rely on the local coral reef systems.  JSA stepped in with a 12-month sponsorship program to reinvigorate the Dive Against Debris “DAD” concept in Singapore.

Rallying the local dive community with the help of NGO Our Singapore Reefs and dive club The Submersibles, JSA’s DAD program was a huge success.  Not only was over one metric tonne of debris removed from the Southern Islands in the space of 12 months, but various other sites have been identified and year marked for cleanup by government led commercial dive teams and data collected is used at the National University of Singapore by Marine Biologists for research.  Coral replanting is now underway at some of the cleared reef sites with JSA’s active involvement.



Deploying social media outreach, local media exposure, school visits/education and Singapore based artists using debris we have collected during our DAD events in their work at the National Gallery of Singapore, the DAD program continually secures new sponsors on a monthly basis keeping the torch burning, supported by Our Singapore Reefs and The Submersibles.